Used Equipment

Display Videos for Used Equipment

Custom Buttons for Used Equipment

  1. Decide which forms you want to use and how you want to interact with your customers.

  2. Customize the text in the Designer View of the Used Equipment Widget that is placed on your Used Equipment Page by selecting Edit > Button Options

When you click Edit the Designer View becomes available to you

3. Display title: determines the text that will show for the buttons. 4. You utilize a library called FontAwesome for our icons. They have a wonderful search feature that you can use to choose the icon that applies best. Simply copy the code!

search through thousands of icons
this example would be fas fa-piggy-bank

5. Choose the heading your form 6. Align the Form Class field with the class in the form widget on the page.

match the CSS class under More options with the class you plan to use in the Designer View settings